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we don't get to choose who we love

Suzy. dutch. infj. escapist. lannister. i like books, morally ambiguous sarcastic assholes, fairy tale fantasy lands, staring at flickering lights, asoiaf, broken heroes, and (...)

MORE INFO | RELATED WITH: game of thrones | RANKING: 92 / 100 | AUTHORITY: 46 /100

my little bird

theillusivewoman → shewolves Abby. Twenty-three. Writer. Gamer. ENFP. Slytherin. Lannister. Firebender. Lover of unloved characters. Things to expect here: lots and lots (...)

MORE INFO | RELATED WITH: tags | RANKING: 90 / 100 | AUTHORITY: 45 /100

the old gods and the new

what is dead may never die i'm mounia. i'm seventeen years old and i live in amsterdam. house lannister and slytherin. an unhealthy obsession with fictional characters. (...)

MORE INFO | RELATED WITH: nbsp | RANKING: 86 / 100 | AUTHORITY: 43 /100

I have never torched a police car.

23; wonderland; velocicat Slytherin; Lannister writer, baker, gif maker *NTJ; Type 8; schoolboys and doomed revolutions; werewolves; scotland yard; hal yorke; red capes; firefly; (...)

MORE INFO | RELATED WITH: jehans | RANKING: 84 / 100 | AUTHORITY: 42 /100

kissed by fire

Luma. Multifandom blog with a tendency to obsess over only one show. But dont' forget, I watch and ship a lot of things.

MORE INFO | RELATED WITH: game of thrones | RANKING: 83 / 100 | AUTHORITY: 42 /100

You seem to really like that horse very much

Dig up her bones but leave the soul alone Lost in the pages of self made cages Life slips away and the ghosts come to play These are hard times These are hard times for dreamers (...)

MORE INFO | RELATED WITH: fave | RANKING: 83 / 100 | AUTHORITY: 42 /100

what do we say to the god of death? -- not today

Hello. Shruthi. December 4th. 17 years old. USA. OTP of OTPs: Damon/Elena. (+other ships). "It was books that made me feel that perhaps I was not completely alone." (...)

MORE INFO | RELATED WITH: type: gif | RANKING: 77 / 100 | AUTHORITY: 39 /100

An Ecstasy of Fumbling

Princess Hamilton, heir to the Hamilton Throne. Queen of Casual Judicial Sass Alisia, 22, history major, time-traveling brandy thief, lover of things, statue molesting timebomb, (...)

MORE INFO | RELATED WITH: got | RANKING: 72 / 100 | AUTHORITY: 36 /100

captain fucking magic

[ ] There's a lot of lannister pride, robert downey jr, and quentin tarantino here.

MORE INFO | RELATED WITH: bbc sherlock | RANKING: 72 / 100 | AUTHORITY: 36 /100

jon snow's d

Brenda; eighteen; Italy. Multifandom blog Well you can tell by the way I use my walk I'm a bad photoshopper, no time to talk. Hard Jon/Ygritte shipper, a Lannister Slytherclaw. (...)

MORE INFO | RELATED WITH: stupifies | RANKING: 72 / 100 | AUTHORITY: 36 /100

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