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Ask Surprise!

Hi! I'm Surprise! I was the original concept for Pinkie Pie! People say that makes me a "hippy-stir", whatever that is! Anyway, ask me stuff! Go on, do it!

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❝ midnight rose ❞

This mess is A MULTIFANDOM BLOG (◕‿◕✿) I post picspam/gifs of celebs/movies/tvshows I love or basically whatever tickles my fancy at the moment. Ship wars are lame, (...)

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cheer up smelly

+helene i'm wildly sarcastic. this isn't a one direction blog, it's a 'whatever i feel like' blog. i just happen to feel like one direction a lot of (...)

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Lolcats - Funny Pictures of Cats - I Can Has Cheezburger?

Lolcats - Funny Pictures of Cats - I Can Has Cheezburger? the home of lol cats and lol* (other animals). All of our lolcats and lol*whatevers are made by u. Make your own lolcats! (...)

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Dream Brother, my killer, my lover

Welcome. I'm Hermione and this is a ThorLoki appreciation blog and contains copious amounts of Tom Hiddleston, Chris Hemsworth, Thor, The Avengers and whatever else tickles (...)

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wherever, whatever, have a nice day

hi there i'm hiroko. a girl from japan and i like glee. and movies. endless list of favorite movies / music / hits

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Luigi is my favorite Disney Princess.

Whatever. Let's go get tacos. I go by many names; Nutty is the one I prefer on tumblr, but I also go by NN1, Nut, Donut, Kels, and Kelsey. Oh, and I am cis female. :) (...)

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whatever mom

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let's put a smile on that face

Tesla, 20 aka ~billydarley This is a personal blog. I post whatever the fuck I want. Why do we fall sir? So we might learn to pick ourselves up. Btw, kateysagal is mine.

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Monica|16|New York City An average blog about fictional homosexuals, movies, art, british men, manga, and whatever else I enjoy. Skype- nomnisaurusrex

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